I Do Love You

i do love you,
over and over
bright light eyes
draw-me-in grin
you make me feel
closer and closer still
curled into
the creases of your soul
i offer up
every part of myself
each day
like a completely novel idea.


magnolia blossom pink
with indigo spring dusk
i roll inward
and feel perched
on the edge of my world
a tiny platform made of stone
with twinkle lights,
and a fountain
of a peeing cat.

A Spring Paragraph

when you go so far inside of yourself, that all you can hear and feel is the sound of your own voice – you know you’ve entered into a place that will change you forever. from here, all you can feel is a basic tick-tock of what you are and what you need. and as soon as you allow that tick-tock to be a guiding pulse, everything else starts to fall into place. when you reach to yourself for an answer, you give it to yourself. and when you reach to another to feel something real, it is given to you. and then, with each choice and with each chance, you can open up to what else is possible – how can i be better? how can i be more of myself? you are with yourself, finally. and because you are finally yours, it is with the greatest desire that you wish to give love and happiness to others.