You Were the One

cherry pink
compacted losses
pretty feathers
you were the one
i completely screwed over
so softly i barely knew it
a shadow of a move
tracing backward
showered in shame
and emerged under the table
of a dog’s breakfast.

In One Breath I Feel All This

the slippery slope of love when it happens is like wrapping my head around an impossible idea, leading to happiness, lagging to depression, either way i’m up for it and scared of everything. waiting on a broken dream to be miraculously fused back together again. i know it won’t happen. i don’t know if it will happen. i want it to happen. i don’t want it to happen. i’m ready to walk away; i don’t know why i’m walking away. i don’t know how i walked away; i don’t know how i ever stayed. loosening my grip on my past doesn’t get any easier and i’m stuck in between then and now and all of the possibilities ever. i reach for your blue and want to fall under the soothing and hypnotic trance of love and as i extend i also withdraw and turn to look behind me. something is chasing me; something is running away from me. i run away from it; i chase after it.

It Surfaces and Stinks

not much has changed in these parts
with the mud in the flatlands
rubber boots, plodding along
sometimes standing, doing nothing
processing halted,
with thunder in the distance
and rain in the darkness.

a hunch on what the deal is
it surfaces and stinks,
my vision sharpens
and it’s funny how clear
things can be
when you acknowledge
what everyone else sees.

To Make Everything Right Again

life seems to be made up
of miniature elements stacked
without much notice.

and then, when it’s gone
well, yes – it all comes
a’ swarming in
and floods your eyes
so all you can see is that.

and you walk around
with a big gaping hole
missing in your heart
with a bit of dismemberment
thrown into the mix.

all you can do
is hold onto shreds of yourself
left over,
from some other time.

hold onto it
and grow into more
so that it eventually
fills up all the mistakes
and guilt and hate
and makes you
into a human you can love
again – or for the first time.

a hard thing to accept,
the reality of pure
cause and effect,
no destiny, no magical meaning,
no hidden reason
lurking in the shadows
waiting to unravel itself,
to make everything right again.