Moved Through It

I finally got to some artwork that i’d been thinking on. i used to do a lot of collage type work, working with letterpress stamps and ink, ephemera, different types of paper. i love working with layers, it’s really satisfying. finding something interesting, like an old photo – and work to both hide and reveal it at the same time.

this time around i used a nice woodpanel – which is the best way to go so far. even the thickest stock of paper can’t hold up with all the layers of polymer and paint, always ends up buckling and warping. i also used a new acrylic polymer for a clear glue/coating, and then also mixed it with paints which gave me really nice transparent colouring. i really like using Iridescent Bright Gold (Fine) with it.

It Surfaces and Stinks

not much has changed in these parts
with the mud in the flatlands
rubber boots, plodding along
sometimes standing, doing nothing
processing halted,
with thunder in the distance
and rain in the darkness.

a hunch on what the deal is
it surfaces and stinks,
my vision sharpens
and it’s funny how clear
things can be
when you acknowledge
what everyone else sees.