To Face the Sun

a frayed illusion
exposes its parts
once again
and even though
it’s in a dream
i still feel transformed
like a decision was made
without a choice being offered.

a fantasy
where i am relishing
every moment
overturning my reality
to clutch the potential
but this time
i almost falter
then flinch and recall
a love so bright
that i turn
and for the first time
i change.

i don’t change my mind
instead i change myself
like the first little leaf
on an end-of-summer tree
facing a new colour
for the sake of renewal
so the bud on the stem
gets a chance
to face the sun.

All It Is

A life more simple
with gentle care and loving focus
like folding laundry
as though each crease
seals my intentions further.

Spring leaves brushing new sky,
sunlight dancing on white linen
simple meals with smiles
so effortless
you can feel them
in the next room.

A mind less tangled
where questions can exist
without the pull for answers
where mystery is left alone
to weave itself
into the fabric
of everything I love.

A table cloth
with small flowered print
with years of rest
beneath elbows and dishes,
will call to me in the morning
and at night –
it will be like that,
that’s all it is.