Like Salivation

ok yes, so maybe
i am restless
and maybe i am a little
taken away by beautiful things
like a song or a sentence,
or a mouth saying words,
which gut me
in a particular fashion.

and then i’ll follow it,
like a drive
that works like salivation
a craving
winding up
and then letting loose and spinning.

it’ll drown my heart,
but i’ll keep it up
until the wave breaks
onto my morning shore
with early light
another layer growing
like skin over a cut,
waiting to heal.

It Surfaces and Stinks

not much has changed in these parts
with the mud in the flatlands
rubber boots, plodding along
sometimes standing, doing nothing
processing halted,
with thunder in the distance
and rain in the darkness.

a hunch on what the deal is
it surfaces and stinks,
my vision sharpens
and it’s funny how clear
things can be
when you acknowledge
what everyone else sees.