Let the River In


ease on it, light the dim. work my way out into a brighter area, something i can accept and understand. take care of yourself, my friends tell me. sometimes, i don’t know what this means. but when i listen to music like this, i get an idea of what that could mean for me. listen to yourself, the words inside that are wrapped around feelings and ideas, express myself, don’t be afraid. let the river in. without being submerged nor attempting transcendence…i struggle to find the courage to be inspired by myself. with so much gone and shaky, and old and new, and blown to bits…with so much sad-hearted twisting, i struggle to get through and burrow into this thing inside of me.

here is a song that feels right for me today. i’ve been enjoying Radical Face’s album Ghost. It’s simple and complicated, and it takes you places. Layered, with soothing and soulful lyrics.