Home, this winter.

before clearing

My dad and brothers made a rink this year in our backyard. it’s perfect. there’s been loads of snow this december, so there’s been a bit of upkeep. this is what the rink looked like last night before i cleared it.

after clearing

And, here is what it looked like after 45 min of clearing. it felt good to be out there in the winter night, sliding and flinging snow all over the place…listening to Al Green on my ipod.

It also felt great to be on the ice. i still love to skate. long strides, making that deep crackling sound as the edge of my blades ride the ice.


My brother sent me this today.

“Take heed that when effort is too strenuous it leads to strain and when too slack to laziness. So make a firm determination that you will adopt the middle way, nor allowing yourself to struggle or to slacken, but recognizing that faith, energy, mindfulness, concentration, and wisdom are the fruits of a calm and equable way.”

ok, big brother.