Bring It In and Begin

silky wings
slip through choppy flight
I release and pause
with momentum under
a quiet moment
to tell you I love you
a breath so natural
an exhale with your name

instead I seal my lips
turning to face inward
my heart so open
with silence I fly
into new and old wounds
I will do more than recover
not knowing the next unfolding
I can surrender without losing.

I Said I Knew

i’ve seen it for years
the light that flickers
when your stream
reaches my shore
it yanks
on what we both know well
call it what you want
a spark that flew
somehow survived
a firefly in a jar
with poke holes of air
often asking
to fly freely
in the summer woods
with a dawn
that never arrives.

Pass & Realign

i peel back
the skin of our distance
wonder at the kernel
of where this began
it grew
into twisted knuckles
they held gold and crystal
so tightly our palms bled
becoming silt and salt
poured onto the future
of everything that will always
happen without you.

Fling & Refocus

to get unstuck
outside parts of yourself
that stick and harden
fool you into thinking
a different way
is always escaping.

i want to unstick
because perspective
is not a flash light
onto reality
but is the core and creator
of all you give and get.

yes to give
i want to give more
give to everything
not just me or someone i love
but give just to give
by being with and working at
what i love
and have created for myself
not dealt
to me by some unnameable force.

you are what you give
you are what you love too
and it’s hard to say which comes first
because when i give i love
and when i love i give too.

With My Arm Wrapped Around Her

I often dream of my grandma
glimmering Ukraine eyes
sometimes right up close
draped in her mink coat
overlooking a mint green sea
on a continent I’ve never been
my arm wrapped around her
offering affection
she would not reach for then
but was claiming here right now.

I moved from within
to enfold her
capable and sturdy
all 4 foot ten of her
my head tilted to touch hers
my chin itchy
on her cashmere beret
her sparkling brooch
dialoguing with the sea
looking down at her face
I see her eyes
steady and smiling
and I knew
that us meeting here
like this
was no minor thing.

Other times it’s over there,
I see her in saccharine mist
walking a leafy autumn hill
alone as she would have it
and I deeply sense
the deliberation of her choice
to be with me
extending vigor and clout
to take into my waking
sleepy morning darkness.